Should Video CVs Replace Traditional CVs

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Should Video CVs Replace Traditional CVs

Should Video CVs Replace Traditional CVs?

As technology evolves, businesses are looking to use technology to become more efficient. One way technology has advanced is video CVs replacing traditional CVs. Many companies are choosing to ditch the paper version, in favour of the more advanced video CVs. We look at how video CVs can be a better option, both for candidates and recruiters.


Reflect the Candidates Overall Skills

Traditional CVs only allow you to show candidates to show specific skills and experience. Candidates can ensure their CV reflects soft skills, such as communication skills, motivation, energy, and ambition. Video CVs give a more rounded reflection of your skills and abilities, making them better for both candidates and recruiters.


Improve Efficiency

Video CVs improve efficiency in different ways. For candidates, it saves the need to tailor your CV for each role. It can also save the stress of worrying if your CV truly reflects your personality and abilities. Candidates often pour over their CV and fret that it stands out. You can create the CV quickly, and tailoring it is easier. It is also more efficient for recruiters, as you can make hiring decisions based on the video CV, which negates the need to interview candidates.


Smarter Recruitment

You can make your recruitment much smarter by using video CVs. You are more likely to get the authentic person through a video CV. Allowing you to make not only quicker recruiting decisions but also better hires. You are more likely to hire the best person for the job with an overall vision of who they are. Additionally, if the candidate has made the effort to create a video CV, they will usually be more committed.


Quicker Decisions

As there is no need for interviews, you can make quicker recruitment decisions. It is important in hospitality, retail, and leisure, where there is generally a higher turnover of staff and sickness levels. If you have a staff shortage it affects your ability to provide a high-quality service to customers and it could damage your reputation. It is beneficial for candidates too, as you are more likely to find a job much quicker.


Environmentally Friendly

There are many ways that video CVs can help the environment. As there is less need to travel to interviews, it can reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, there is no need to print out traditional CVs, which is better for the environment. We all have a responsibility to be more aware of the environment and taking simple steps can make a big difference in the overall picture. Video CVs are a good choice for their benefits to the environment.