How Video CV’s Can Improve Productivity

WeWannaWorkHow Video CV’s Can Improve Productivity

How Video CV’s Can Improve Productivity

How Video CV’s Can Improve Productivity

Some sectors have a high turnover of staff, and in particular hospitality, retail and leisure. A high turnover means more time spent on the recruitment process. In most cases, this is time that business owners can’t afford to lose. Video CVs may be the perfect answer. With candidates submitting a video CV that covers the vital aspects of their skills and experience, you can gauge their personality, without the need to invite them for an interview. These are some ways video CVs can improve productivity.


Reduce Vacancies

If you have unfilled vacancies within your business, fewer customers are fulfilled, and greater demand is placed on other staff. With a video CV, you can quickly assess candidates, and make quicker hiring decisions, without the need for lengthy recruitment processes. Long recruitment processes are not ideal in these fast-paced environments.


Arrange Cover

Sickness levels can be high in these industries, and it can be challenging to retain staff. If you don’t have ample staff at short notice, it means that productivity is lower, and customers are left waiting. You can access video CVs to recruit quickly, whenever you need cover. Sicknesses within customer service industries can be extremely detrimental, both to productivity and the service level you can offer. Your reputation could be affected if you are not serving customers promptly.


Less Interview Time

The recruitment process can be lengthy. In industries with a high turnover, managers can easily spend hours on interviews, every week. With the use of video CVs, managers can make hiring decisions without having to undertake interviews. Productivity can be improved, as there is less time spent on the recruitment process.


More Applicants

Most people don’t relish the prospect of filling out monotonous application forms, travelling to, and sitting through interviews. Video CVs can take these aspects out of the process and improve your ability to attract more candidates. The more applicants, the easier it is to fill vacancies, and consequently, to increase productivity.


Greater Flexibility

Managers or recruiters will not need to dedicate time to sit down and go through a stack of paper CVs, they can quickly check the video CV’s on the go. This gives them greater flexibility to screen candidates on their phones during breaks or on their commute. The entire recruitment process can be completed in minutes. In customer-driven industries, this can be a godsend as it can save a great deal of time.



It may be the case that candidates don’t have the finances to commute to an interview, especially if they have been out of work for a while. They may need to attend several interviews while they try to secure work. This is important to consider during the hiring process. The fewer obstacles in the way for candidates, the greater your ability to recruit quickly, which will improve your productivity levels.