How Video CV’s Can Improve Engagement

WeWannaWorkHow Video CV’s Can Improve Engagement

How Video CV’s Can Improve Engagement

Video CVs are becoming increasingly popular, especially in sectors with high volume recruitment, such as hospitality, retail, and leisure. Video CVs offer many benefits. They reduce time and costs by eliminating the need for interviews. They are also a good tool for improving engagement. These are some of the ways video CVs can be highly engaging.


Understand Skills and Experience 

When you conduct an interview, you stick to a script and ask specific questions. With a video CV, it allows the candidate to cover the essential parts of the interview, but also other significant areas of their skills and experience. The candidates are more likely to talk about things that they are proud of, and might not have mentioned on their CV. This can give you a better overall picture of the candidate, instead of standard answers to a list of questions. The more knowledge you have about the candidate, the more engaged you will feel with them.


Better Insight into Personality

The great thing about video CVs is that they bring the candidate’s personality to life You get the opportunity to see their energy and enthusiasm, and whether they have the confidence you may require for the role. These are all elements that can even be difficult to determine during an interview, as nerves can play a part. You get to see the true, authentic person through a video CV, which can make it more engaging.


Commitment to the Role

It is easy to just send a CV to apply for a role, or to tailor it slightly. There are much more consideration and effort with a video CV. As a recruiter, you will be instantly more engaged with the candidate as you know how much thought and preparation, they have put into it. If they have spent the time on their video CV, they will likely be more committed to the role. This is vital in these industries, as high turnover and sickness levels can be damaging to the reputation of your company.


Videos are engaging                           

Videos are generally engaging, which is why YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, with over a billion hours of video watched every day. They can be even more engaging than interviews, as you get the opportunity to go back and assess different parts of the video at your leisure. There is no stop and start during an interview, once it’s done, it’s done and if you can’t remember some answers, there’s not much you can do!