3 Environmental Benefits of Video CV’s

WeWannaWork3 Environmental Benefits of Video CV’s

3 Environmental Benefits of Video CV’s

3 Environmental Benefits of Video CV’s

The interview process can be time-consuming and tedious, for both the recruiter and the interviewee. There is the preparation, the travel, and the time taken out for the interview itself. The downsides of interviews go further than this. They also often don’t portray the candidate accurately, as they feel on the spot and under pressure, and they have no idea what questions to expect. Additionally, interviews can be damaging to the environment. Video CVs are more convenient, but they can also play a part in improving the environment. These are some of the environmental benefits of video CVS.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

It may sound overdramatic to say that video CVs can reduce CO2 emissions, but with the elimination of interviews, there would be a significant decline in CO2. We are all aware of how serious climate change has become, and with only ten years to turn it around,it is all hands to the deck to make changes. The government introduced a new climate target, and businesses and individuals globally are looking to play a part in helping during this hugely significant period ahead. There are over 11,000 job interviews conducted every day in London, and an average of 0.7 pounds of CO2 used per mile of travel. If every interviewee travels 5 miles to their interview; this equates to 3.5 pounds of CO2 emissions. If you multiply that by 11,000, that figure is 38,500 pounds of CO2, and that is just London. As recruiters can make hiring decisions based on video CVs, there is no need for these interviews, which is much better for the environment.


Lower Paper Use

Recruiters often print CVs, instead of reading them on the screen. With video CVs, there is no need to read or use any paper! With some job roles receiving over 3,000 CVs per day, and even a quarter of these CVs printed, the number becomes eye-watering. It is a waste of paper and is bad for the environment. These may seem insignificant actions, but if everyone makes these small changes; it makes a huge difference.


Decrease Plastic Consumption

When you are travelling to interviews, you are more likely to pick up a lunch with plastic packaging or a coffee. You are also likely to be offered water in a plastic cup during the interview. Plastic consumption has negative effects on the environment. If you eliminate these interviews through video CVs, you are helping to combat climate change.